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How To Pick High-Quality Dog Treats

shih tzu dog treats

If you want your dog to learn tricks or obey your every command, giving him a treat is a must. As the saying goes, “What gets rewarded, gets repeated”. Aside from being a training aid, giving your dog some treats is also a great way to show your dog extra …

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Things To Consider When Buying Dog Food

shih tzu dog food

Dog nutrition is one of the most important aspects that a dog owner should look into. That is why many experts advise that you take time and plenty of effort to determining what would be the best dog food for your furry friend. Sadly, this is not an easy thing …

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Why Free Feeding is Bad For Your Dog

shih tzu free feeding

If you are not at home the entire day, you will surely be worried about your dog. What if he gets hungry? Does she have enough food to eat or water to drink? To make sure he will not get hungry or thirsty (and to ease our conscience), you will …

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