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Different Types of Dog Treats You Shih Tzu Will love

Oh, dog treats, how can our life be without you? If you have tried training your dog, you will surely understand how important dog treats can be. After all, giving your dog some treats is the fun and most effective way to teach your dog new tricks.

If you are giving your dog the same treats over and over again, there will come a time that he will no longer be excited about it. Eventually, the treats will lose its power over your dog. That is why it is best if you will incorporate some variety when giving dog treats. With that in mind, here are the different types of dog treats that you can give your Shih Tzu.

  • Hard treats

Crunchy dog treats include flavored kibbles, cookies and biscuits. This treat is widely available and can be bought not only at veterinarian stores or dog supplies stores. Some hardware stores have a selection of this too.

  • Dental chews

Aside from being a great reward for your dog, dental chews will also help to promote good dental health. Since your dog will chew on this for quite a while, it can remove plaque from your dog’s teeth.

  • Chewy Treats

This is the choice of dog treat by many dog owners because of the pleasing texture and taste of these treats. If you wish to give your dog an immediate gratification, give him small bits of your chewy treat.

  • Special Diet Treats

If your dog is on a diet due to allergies or obesity, then you should be careful in giving your dog some treats. It is recommended that you opt for dog treats that are formulated for special diet. Oftentimes, such treats are manufactured by the same company that creates special diet dog food. If you cannot find one, you can just simply ask your vet what would be the best substitute for your furry friend.

  • Human Food

Yes, your dog can eat human food too. However, not all human foods can be good for your furbaby. There are some foods that can be beneficial for them but there are also some foods that might harm them. Some of the best human foods that can be dog treats include canned baby food, fresh meat, carrots, potatoes, berries, apples, banana, boiled eggs and melon.

  • Homemade Dog Treats

If you are trying to save some money but you still want to give your dog a tasty treat, then you can choose to whip up some treats at home. There are plenty of homemade dog recipes that you can find online. Most of these treats can be created using the ingredients that you already have at home. Plus, they are very easy to make. Some of our favorites include turkey treats and tuna brownies.

Indeed, dog treats have made dog training a lot easier for you and more fun for your furbaby. To make the entire training experience much more exciting, you should not forget to give your dog any of the types of dog treats mentioned above.

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  1. My Shih tzu HATES all store bought treats, cheap and expensive. I think I have the only dog in the world that doesn’t like to chew on something else except his toys. Granted, he didn’t have a lot of treats when he was a pup as he had a small health issue so I guess that’s why he didn’t get used to them. What he does love though is a type of gluten-free pretzels; I left some on the coffee table for 2 minutes and when I came back he already munched two.

    • Mine is also a thief. He loves to keep an eye on me and when I leave the room he goes hunting for goodies on the table. It’s pretty funny to see him jump on a chair and grab a muffin :))

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