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Signs that Your Dog is Dealing With Pain

It is unfortunate that dogs are not like humans who can communicate what they are feeling. Because of this, dog owners would have to decipher what their dogs are feeling. But just like us, dogs react to pain differently. There are some who will act more stoic while there would be some who will not stop telling you that they are in pain. In addition to that, there are some dogs will try to conceal their pain.

Regardless of how your dog reacts to pain, there are some ways on how you can tell if your dog is in pain or not. How? Well, for one, you have to watch out for these telltale signs:

  • He is limping

This is one of the signs that is very easy to see and determine. When your dog limps, there is a high chance that his paw is sore or he has some injuries. If your dog is already old, his limping may be a reaction to the pain brought about by arthritis. In the event that he also walks stiffly (in addition to limping), his pain is most probably associated with arthritis.

  • He is panting excessively

Panting is one coping mechanism of dogs against pain. If it is associated with trembling, it is a surefire sign of pain. This is because the pain that dogs feel may cause changes in breathing and may eventually lead to an irregular respiratory rate. If you think that the panting of your dog is not normal, you should observe for other signs of pain.

  • He is lethargic

If your dog has high energy levels and he starts to show signs of lethargy, it is one indication that your dog is not feeling well. This sign can be quite difficult to determine or see when your dog’s energy level is usually low.

  • He is restless

Just like us, dogs can have difficulty falling asleep if he is suffering from pain. If your dog is having some problems getting comfortable and if he looks like he is having difficulties lying still, it is most likely that he is experiencing some pain. If he is restless and he is constantly readjusting his lying position, try to check on him.

  • He has no appetite

A change in his eating habit can tell you a lot. If your dog is usually excited for meal times but he suddenly lost his appetite and he is no longer touching his food or he doesn’t even go near it, that is one sign of tummy ache. If he has no appetite, try to look for other signs like excessive drooling and vomiting. This may indicate either constipation or diarrhea.

  • He is whining and whimpering

Not all dogs who are in pain will do this. His whining and whimpering is his way of telling you that something in him hurts.. so bad.

If your dog exhibits all of the signs that are mentioned above, then it is recommended that you bring him to the vet right away.

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