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Five Deadly Foods You Should Protect Your Shih Tzu From

For sure, you cannot stand the longing look of your dog as he watches you take a bite of that delicious and juicy steak. Or maybe, your dog won’t stop whimpering as you consume that whole bar of chocolate on your own as you watch your favorite TV show. With his puppy dog eyes, endless sobbing and nonstop barking, you may surely be tempted to give them a share of your favorite food. Before you do that, you should take the time to do some research if that food is perfectly safe for your dog.

To help you out, we have compiled five of the foods you should never your dog. Here they are:

  • Chocolate

Oh, we know how much you love chocolate and you will surely want to share that sugary delight with your dog but if you want him to stay alive, you should refrain from doing so. The smaller your dog is, the more dangerous a small portion of chocolate can be. Additionally, the darker the chocolate is, the more harmful it can be.

  • Alcohol

If you love to drink and party, we are sorry to tell you that your dog can’t be able to join you. For dogs, alcohol can cause harmful effects like lack of coordination, difficulty in breathing, severe acidity and if your dog is not that fortunate, coma or death. That is why you should be careful enough not to spill any beer on the floor while partying.

  • Grapes and Raisins

Dogs who have eaten large amounts of this fruit has experienced renal failure. Up to now, there are still no studies that show why these fruits are toxic to dogs. In addition to that, the toxic amount of grapes is still not determined so it is advised that you avoid giving any amount to your dog.

  • Garlic and Onion

We all know that these two ingredients are widely used in almost all dishes. That is why you can surely find it in almost all kitchens in the world. While we love the flavor that these two bring, our dogs will surely not benefit from it. This is because the contents of garlic and onion have negative effects on your furry friend’s red blood cells which may lead to life-threatening anemia.

  • Apple Seeds

Apples are safe for dogs but apple seeds are a big no-no! The coating of apple seeds contains the substance called amygdalin which produces cyanide once it is digested. The byproduct will enter the bloodstream where it will wreak all kinds of havoc. That is why you should not forget to remove the core and seeds of apples when you give them some.

The foods mentioned above are some of the most toxic foods that you can ever give your dog. You should understand the fact that there are some human foods that are safe for your dog to consume. That is why a little sharing for your dog can be okay. You just have to make sure you won’t give him any of the foods mentioned above.


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  1. I knew about the first two ones, chocolate and alcohol, but I had no clue the others were bad! In fact, I remember watching a video a few years ago with a cute Shih Tzu eating a green apple and I can swear it still had the seeds. Gosh, people are so clueless, I’ll definitely scrape all these from Daisy’s diet, I don’t want to risk anything! I thought of cooking for her from time to time but I have no clue what to make. Should I stick to the usual rice, chicken and veggie combo or should I just experiment and see what she likes?

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