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My Dog Won’t Eat Anything: How Do You Manage A Picky Shih Tzu?

Before, your dog gets excited when you set down his eating bowl. But now, he just sniffs and licks at everything you tried to feed him. Is he sick? Should you bring him to the vet and have him checked? Sure, you can do that. But if your dog is like any normal dog, the only thing that the vet will tell you is that you have a picky eater. This may happen if you have been feeding him the same dog food for many years.

If that is the case, what is the best thing that you can do? Well, here are some tips:

  • Get him moving.

If your puppy is not hungry, then he can be picky. But once he starts to feel his stomach growling, he has no choice but to eat what is in front of him. That is natural. After all, they are animals and they just simply follow their instincts. If you want to persuade your dog to start eating his food again, then the best thing that you can do is to increase his hunger and there is no better way to do that than push him to exercise. Try to walk with him or play Frisbee or catch with him an hour before his meal. You will be amazed at how fast he will eat his food when you do this.

  • Hold the treats.

If you are trying to teach your dog new tricks and he becomes picky with what he eats, do not be surprised. For sure, he is comparing his dog food to the (more delicious) treats that you are giving him. If you want him to start eating again, lie low on the treats.

  • Heat up the food.

When the food is warm, it gives off an aroma that might attract your dog to eat. If you are feeding him pellets, you can try to add hot water to make it warm. If you are feeding him a combination of rice, meat and vegetables, you can heat it in the microwave.

  • Don’t give in to his demands.

If all else fails, you will surely be tempted to give him what he wants—delicious food. Most probably, you will end up giving him human food. You have to resist the temptation to do this. If you give in to what he wants, he will also eventually get bored with chicken or pork pieces and you will have nothing left to feed him. Try all of the other tips mentioned above and show your dog who is the master.

For sure, you will get worried when your dog doesn’t want to eat anything you feed him. However, you must keep in mind that this is a phase that every dog goes through. You are not alone in this fight. Many others before you have experienced this and they were able to manage their picky eaters well by doing the tips that we have mentioned above.

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