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Shih Tzu Temperament The Most Common Personality Traits

With one look, a Shih tzu looks angelic, innocent and extremely cute. Before you focus too much on their outer appearance, it is important that you also pay attention to what’s inside of them—the Shih tzu temperament. You have to know what their common personality traits are. After all, those are the things that you have to deal with the most when living with your furry friend.

If you are planning to get a Shih Tzu pup or if you wanted to know your furry friend more, here are some of the personality traits that you should know about:

  • Playful

With their small stature and cute looks, you may think that they are just show or lap dogs but that is not true! In fact, they love enjoying life and they will be willing to join you in physical activities like swimming in the pool, running in the garden, playing indoor games and much more. If you will not take them out for a walk, you can find them chasing after own tail inside your home.

  • Friendly

Maybe you have already noticed but Shih Tzu is generally friendly. In fact, you may see them playing with other dogs on the streets. Additionally, you may even catch a glimpse of them going to people they do not know during their walks. More than that, they are very rarely snippy and they can also befriend different pet species. This is one of the most amazing reasons to love them more.

  • Stubborn

Just like in any relationships, you cannot expect your Shih Tzu to be all rainbows and butterflies. Of course, they have some not so loving characteristics too and being stubborn is one of them. If you will teach them some tricks, it will not be easy for them to catch on. This is because of the independent streak that this dog breed has. If you wish to teach your Shih Tzu some tricks, it is best that you come prepared with lots of patience. And since they are not that highly trainable, consistency is the key to teaching them tricks. Let us not forget that it will take some time too!

  • Devoted and Loving

Keep in mind that this breed has been developed to be companion dogs and that is why they excel at being your friend. They will welcome you at the door when you come home. They would love to sit on your lap when you are watching TV. There will be times that they will shy away from you and turn their backs on you but in general, they love to cuddle. Oh, they are also prone to separation anxiety too so do not leave them home alone for a long time!

These days, Shih Tzu is considered to be one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. If you are one of those people who have fallen head over heels in love with this breed, the traits mentioned above will allow you to get to know them better.

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