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Four Mistakes You Make When Feeding Your Shih Tzu

You may be annoyed at the bad feeding behaviors that your dog is showing. But before you take it against him, you must keep in mind that dogs are designed to be in a pack and to follow a pack leader. In your dog’s case, it is you that is his leader. Whatever bad eating behavior he is showing, you are the one who taught him that. Luckily, you also have the power to correct it. But first, you must learn to determine what it is exactly that you are doing wrong. Here are some of the most common feeding mistakes that dog owners make:

  • You throw him scraps from the table.

You may think that doing this is not a big deal but it can have detrimental effects on the eating behavior of your dog. The amount of food scraps you give him may seem little but when it all add, it may lead to obesity.

  • You give cat food to your dog.

Many dog owners think that it is okay for them to interchange pet food. This is most especially true with people who have both dogs and cats. However, you should keep in mind that dog food is formulated with the nutritional needs of dogs in mind. Cat food is formulated with the nutritional needs of cats in mind. The needs of cats and dogs are different from one another.

  • You don’t measure the amount of food you give him.

Overfeeding your dog is bad and may lead to serious health problems later on. If you have the habit of giving into his puppy dog eyes and whimpering every time his bowl goes empty, you are tolerating your dog and it is not good for him. Learn to control the amount he eats so he can stay fit and healthy all the time.

  • You give him too much treats.

If you are trying to teach your dog some tricks, it is most likely that you are giving him plenty of treats. This tends to happen when you are too excited to show your dog some love, affection and seal of approval when he was able to perform the trick properly. However, over-“treating” can be bad for you dog in the same way that junk food is bad for us. Because the treats are a lot more flavorful and tastier than their dog food, there is a high chance that they will lose their appetite and they will start to get picky about what they eat. We recommend that you avoid giving treats to your dogs a few hours before his meal time.

Many dog owners do not see the act of feeding their dog as an intricate process. For them, it is just about giving the food to their dogs and making sure that they will eat it. But is it really? The truth is, there are plenty of things that you can do wrong when feeding your dog and the things mentioned above are just some of them.

If you need more details, you should check our recommended book – The Complete Shih Tzu Owners Guide – or the classic Shih Tzu For Dummies.

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