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Signs that Your Dog is Dealing With Pain

dog in pain

It is unfortunate that dogs are not like humans who can communicate what they are feeling. Because of this, dog owners would have to decipher what their dogs are feeling. But just like us, dogs react to pain differently. There are some who will act more stoic while there would …

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Shih Tzu Tips To Keep in Mind

shih tzu pill dropper

One of the most difficult activities that shih tzu dog owners undertake is giving their dog a pill. Many people would try beating around the bush by putting the pill inside tasty foods to conceal the smell and bad flavor of the pill. But sometimes, the dogs (strong sense of …

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Things To Buy For Your New Shih Tzu

shih tzu puppy new home

You have finally made the biggest decision of your life—to get a puppy! Congratulations! And you have chosen a Shih Tzu, good choice! For sure, you are excited to bring him home. But before you do that, are you sure you have everything you need to take good care of …

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