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Four Dog Food Ingredients You Should Be Warned About

When you are choosing what products to buy in grocery stores, do you ever take the time to turn the products you pick around and browse through its ingredients list? When making a dinner, do you take the time to check the ingredient list of the dish that you will make? For sure, you will answer yes. But now I want you to think of this: do you ever check the ingredient list of the dog food items that you buy for your dog? No? Why not?

Just like us, the ingredients in the food that our dogs eat will play a crucial role in their health and fitness. That is why we should also be careful in choosing the dog food that we feed them. With this in mind, you should start checking out the ingredient of every dog food that you can get your hands on and make sure that they do not have these toxic ingredients:

  • Wheat

This is another common dog food ingredient that you should avoid. This is used in many dog food because it is an inexpensive source of protein but not a high-quality one. The long time and repeated exposure of animals to wheat have lead to allergies and gluten intolerance.

  • Ethoxyquin

This ingredient is commonly used as a preservative in dog foods. While preservatives are important in a dog food, there are many other safer preservative alternatives out there. To let you know how dangerous this substance can be, ethoxyquin is also used as a pesticide. Additionally, it is also used as a hardening agent for rubber materials. If it can kill pests and harden synthetic materials, what effects would this have on your dog? According to some studies, it has been noted that the consumption of ethoxyquin may lead to blood and liver problems in dogs.

  • Corn syrup

This is the ingredient used to sweeten the dog food. These are usually added in small amounts in the dog food but as we all know, this will lead to too much sugar when consumed over time and it cannot be healthy for your dog. It may lead to weight gain, hyperactivity, change in mental behavior, obesity or diabetes. More than that, many manufacturers use corn as an additive to dog foods but corn in the body may lead to the development of mold and fungus inside the body which may lead to death over time.

  • By product

The term, by product, refers to all the internal remains of all types of animals like turkey, lamb, chicken, fish, beef and many others. It does not include their muscle meat. This is considered to be a toxic ingredient for dogs as the by-products included in pet foods are usually diseased organs, tumors or tissues of other animals.

Your dog food will help your dog to grow fit and healthy but if the dog food that you will choose contains one or all of the toxic ingredients listed above, it may cause the deterioration of your dog’s health.

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