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Different Ways To Exercise Your Shih Tzu Indoors

We are all aware of the fact that dogs need their exercise. If you have made exercise a daily habit for him, he will surely be looking forward to it every single day. But what if it starts to rain? How can you give your dog it’s much-needed exercise? Sadly, you cannot talk to your dog and tell him that it is raining outside so you will just exercise another day.

That is not how it works (oh, how we wish it’s that easy!). Instead, you need to find a way to give him some exercise indoors. Here are some of the best ways on how you can do that:

  • Use the stairs

Going up and down the stairs is one of the best ways to exercise your dog indoors. In fact, it beats the many benefits of walking as your dog will be required to use more muscles (than he would when he is walking) in climbing up and going down your stairs.

  • Play fetch

Never ever undermine the power of playing fetch. Sure, you may have some limitations since you cannot throw the ball too far since space is limited but rolling the ball down the hallway or your stairs would be a great substitute.

shih tzu exercise

  • Build an obstacle course

You may not be aware of this right now but there are many things inside your house that you can use to help your dog in his workouts. It may be hard at first but just simply get your creativity get the best of you. You can use household items like hula hoops, pillows, your chairs, cartons and many more. Once you are done, guide your dog through the entire course. Aside from working out your dog, it will keep him mentally challenged as well.

  • Let him chase the light

Dogs easily get intrigued at the smallest things, like a tiny dot of light. That is why you should put your laser pointer to good use. Clear up any part of your home, like the stairs, a corner in the living room, a bedroom or your hallway. Using the light from the laser pointer, get his attention and see for yourself how he would go to great lengths to run after it and try to catch it.

  • Play hide and seek with him

The best thing about dogs is that they have a high sense of smell and you can use it to your advantage. Hide a high-smelling treat somewhere in the room and he will surely work his butt off looking for it. The trick here is to place the treat in one of your dog’s toys, like a Kong. In this way, you can challenge your dog without making him too frustrated.

Regardless if it is rain or shine, you cannot change the fact that your dog still needs his exercise. As a responsible pet owner, you should be the one making adjustments so you can satisfy his needs. Your next best choice is to let him exercise indoors. The activities mentioned above will help you do so!

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