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Why Do Shih Tzus Bite?

You brought home a new dog—a Shih Tzu! You feel all warm and giddy just looking at him play and run around the house. You get relaxed just by looking at the face of this angel. It seems like it won’t do anything wrong. Well, you’re wrong. Within just a few weeks, things got ugly. The dog keeps on biting people. Why does he do this? Your dog is not doing this to spite you. In fact, here are some of the reasons why your Shih Tzu bites:

  • He is feeling possessive.

You must keep in mind that dogs are territorial creatures. They like to protect whatever they think is theirs—toys, dog bowl, his favorite mat, and even you. The best way to address a biting problem related to this is to start correcting his behavior at an early age.

  • He is afraid.

When the dog is in an unfamiliar territory or with unfamiliar people, he gets scared and he will do everything to protect himself. His most common defense mechanism is to bite everyone that would come his way.

  • She wants to protect his babies.

When your dog gives birth, you will see that there will be lots of changes in behavior. This is because of her maternal instinct. It is just natural for her to try and protect his puppies for anyone who will go near her puppies. Because of this, it is a must that you tell children and other people not to approach her and the puppies for a few weeks after she gave birth.

The first step to stopping excessive biting is to determine the reason why your dog bites. Now that you already know the possible reasons behind your dog biting problems, you are halfway to solving it.

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