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How To Make Vet Visits Less Stressful For Your Shih Tzu

Many dogs are afraid to go to the vet in the same way kids are afraid to visit the doctor. This is because they associate the vet visit with some traumatic experiences like vaccination and grooming (two of the things that your dogs hate the most!). Lucky for you, there are some ways on how you can make his vet visits a lot less stressful from home. How? Here are some ideas:

Take your dog to the vet just to say hello

If you really want to change the way your dog sees the vet visit, then you should take the time to stop by at the vet every once in a while without getting anything done. Just simply say hello, allow your dog to snoop around vet clinic or the grooming center and then have him weighed and leave. In this way, the clinic will be a much more familiar event for him. When familiarity increases, anxiety decreases.

• Touch your dog anywhere, every day

Your dog hates the idea of being touched by someone he doesn’t know. The best thing that you can do is to make him familiar with the touches. He will be open to receiving your touches at first since he already knows you. You can also try pinching them (not too painful though) once in awhile. Don’t forget to give him treats afterward.

• Dress him up!

Today, there are many things that you can use to soothe your pet’s anxiety. Some of these are pacifying wraps and anti-anxiety garments. You can also try playing relaxing instrumental music while you are on the way to the vet.

A visit to the vet does not have to be so dreadful all the time! You can make your dog realize that by doing the tips that we have mentioned above.

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