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Eight of The Most Important Skills To Teach Your Dog

Are you a first-time dog owner? If yes, then you might be wondering what are the tricks that you should teach your dog. Well, here are some amazing ideas:

1.) His Name

Of course, you have to teach your puppy his name. Teaching your puppy his name will allow you to catch his attention for those times when you need to. This is most especially true if you have many dogs at home. When they know they name, they will be able to know if you are calling them or the other dogs.

2.) No

There are many things that your puppy or dog does that you would not like. For these times, the word “No” will definitely come handy. This signal will let them know that they should stop whatever it is that they are currently doing.

3.) Yes

In line with no, your dog also has to understand the meaning of the command, Yes. In contrast with the meaning of the No command, this very important signal tells your pet to continue doing what he is currently doing. When your dog understands this command, he will be able to understand what you want him to do.

4.) Walking on Leash

If you wish to keep your dog as healthy as possible, then you should take him out on a walk on a regular basis. If you want to make your dog walks a hassle-free and enjoyable experience, you have to teach your dog to walk on a leash. This may not be easy at first but with consistency and patience, your dog can enjoy walking on a leash in no time.

5.) Sit

There are times when your dog will get too excited when you will take them out for a walk or when you will give them their supper. To help them contain their excitement and to allow you to get ready for the activity properly, you should teach your dog to sit and wait.

6.) Stay

This is one of the most difficult tricks that you can ever teach your dog and it will certainly take time. But teaching him this trick is very important because this command is the command that will keep your dogs from running after you when you go outside of your home. It is a command that will help keep them safe.

7.) Off

If your dog is anti-social, then chances are he would keep on jumping into and lunging at the people and dogs that people you will come across during the walk. However, not all people love dogs and there are some people who will certainly hate being jumped at by a dog they do not know. This command will teach your dog to get off and not to jump off at your or other people.

8.) Come

Not many people think that this is an important command but it will come handy for emergency situations. Basically, this command teaches your dog to stop whatever it is that he is doing and to come back to you.
So, there you go— the eight most important commands that every dog owner should teach their dogs. That is why it is recommended that you invest time, effort and patience in teaching these commands to your dogs.

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