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The Different Shih Tzu Tail Wags Decoded

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of your dog’s tail wag? After all, their tails wag every time they look happy. It also wags every time they seem excited. Their tails wag when they seem scared. For humans, the eyes are the windows of our soul. When it comes to dogs, it is their tails that they use to express their emotions. If you wish to have a better relationship with your furry best friend, you should learn to understand the tail wags of your pet. Here are some of the information that you may need to do that:

  • Right Vs. Left

According to studies, the direction of the tail wag may indicate how your dog is feeling. There are some tails wags that are more biased to the left while there are some that are more biased to the right. It may be difficult for dog owners to discern about what direction the wag is. But if you wish to understand what your dog is feeling, you should try to have a closer look at how his tail wags. When the tail wags with a bias to the right, it conveys positive emotion. Either he is excited about something or he is happy with what is going on around him. On the other hand, a wag that is more biased to the left shows a negative emotion. This may indicate that your dog is anxious about something around him.

  • Fast Vs. Low

The speed of the tail wag also means a lot. The faster the wag is, the more excited the dog is. When the tail wags on a steady manner, it means that your dog is relaxed and is quite confident about his current condition. You may usually see this type of wag when your dog is in his territory or when you are at home.

  • High Vs. Low

You will also see that your tail wags at different heights. There are actually four types of height of a tail wag. These include high, neutral (when it is in level with the spine), low and tucked under. When the tail wags at high level (above the spine), it shows extreme excitement. On the other hand, a tail on a neutral position shows a neutral mood. It means that he is comfortable with he is and that everything is fine for him. If the tail wags at a low height, it means that your dog is anxious. When the tail is tucked under the body, it means that your dog is not sure about what he should do in the situation he is in. This is one sign that your dog might get defensive and it will do everything it can do to protect itself.

There you go—the meaning behind how your dog’s tail wags. By reading the tail wags, you can be able to know what your dog’s next move will be and you can prepare yourself for it. Now, you will be able to understand even just a small portion of what your dog is trying to tell you!


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