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Signs That Your Shih Tzu is Anti-Social

It is natural for dogs, especially shih tzu, to be social. They love playing with other dogs. They love being around people. They welcome everyone that comes their way. However, there are some cases wherein a Shih Tzu does not cope well with being with other people or other dogs.

Yes, there are some dogs that are anti-social. However, it can be quite difficult for dog owners to identify if they have a socially challenged dog because they think some of the signs are normal dog behaviors. To help you know if your dog needs help in social settings, here are some signs that you should watch out for.

  • He does not respect the personal space of other dogs.

An anti-social dog has no idea what his role is in the pack. He also does not have regards with the personal space of other people and dogs. You will find him herding other dogs. You can also see him begging food while you are having dinner. You may also find him mounting on the legs of your guests.

  • He avoids other dogs or people.

Anti-social dogs can be quite extreme. If he is not invading the personal space of other people and other dogs, you can find him avoiding them. You may find him hiding when he hears an unfamiliar sound, sees a new face or find an unfamiliar thing in your home. You may find him hidden in corners with his tail tucked under his body.

  • He lunges at other dog or people while walking.

An anti-social dog has no idea how he should act when he is an unfamiliar environment and that is why he tends to be aggressive and violent when you bring him outside. You will find him lunging at other dogs that he will pass by when you bring him on a walk.

Does your puppy exhibit all or any of the signs mentioned above? If yes, then it is best that you consult your veterinarian so you would know what you can do to help your pup.

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