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How To Tame An Aggressive Shih Tzu

When you look at their long hair, cute eyes, small face, it may seem like shih tzus will do nothing wrong. That is why you will surely be surprised when your dog starts to exhibit an aggressive behavior. There are actually many reasons why your dog may become aggressive. These behaviors might show up when they are frustrated, fearful or if they are feeling a bit territorial.

There are many things that you can do to handle your dog’s aggressive behavior. You do not have to be a dog whisperer just to tame your furry friend. You just have to do the following things:

  • Teach your puppy to socialize.

One of the reasons why your puppy or dog is getting aggressive is because of lack of socialization. When they are not used to socializing, they tend to attack other dogs because they think that it is the best way to protect themselves.

To help them become less aggressive against other dogs, you should take some time to teach him to socialize with other dogs. You can do this by enrolling him in a dog training school. You can also try to bring him to the dog park so he can meet new friends.

  • Enroll him in a dog training school.

As mentioned above, enrolling him in one can help him to properly socialize with other dogs. But more than that, undergoing training will also help modify his bad behavior. The aim of this type of school is designed to teach him to be obedient and obedience can pave the way to good behavior.

Aggressive dogs tend to act on impulse but with dog obedience training, he can be able to learn to be patient and he will discover how to control his impulse.

  • Use positive techniques.

This means that you should reward every good thing that he does. Give him a treat or sing him praises every time he follows your command. Avoid negative reinforcement in training your dog.

If you will punish your dog every time he makes a mistake, he will surely fight back and that may lead to aggressive behavior. You should also try to set rules as early as possible so your dog will know what he should or should not do.

  • Seek professional assistance.

If all else fails and your dog is still as aggressive as ever, the next best thing that you can do is to seek help from the professionals. Bring your dog to the vet but make sure that you put on a muzzle on your dog’s mouth if he tends to bite when he gets aggressive. Make sure that you tell the vet all of your concerns so that he will be able to know what you should address and how you can do it.

You will surely be excited to welcome a shih tzu in your family. But what used to be an amazing dream can become a nightmare when your shih tzu becomes aggressive. With the tips mentioned above, you can surely be able to restore your relationship with your furry friend.

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