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How To Stop Your Shih Tzu’s Destructive Chewing

Going home with a new puppy is one of the most exciting moments in a dog owner’s life. It is like giving birth to a new child. If you are a first-time dog owner, then maybe there are still some things that you do not know about your new pup. Sure, that dog has the cutest most irresistible eyes and the most amazing face and the most angelic qualities but things can easily turn a bit ugly if you will not be able to manage all his needs.

For one, you will (or maybe you are currently experiencing it) experience non-stop destructive chewing of your dog. He chews on your carpet. He chews on the feet of your chairs. He chews on your child’s toys. And the worst of all, he chews on your beloved shoes? How do you get him to stop? How do you stop him from wreaking havoc on everything that will come its way? Here are some amazing tips.

  • Give him a chew toy.

Chewing is a natural act for dogs. As an owner, you should try to redirect his chewing to transform it from destructive to productive. If you will not give him a chew toy, he will surely try to chew on everything that will come his way. If he already has a chew toy but he keeps on chewing on other items inside the home, we recommend that you try to interrupt him while he is on the act by simply giving him the chew toy that you have bought for him.

shih tzu chewing

  • Give him lots of exercises.

Along with a chew toy, another thing that you need to do to redirect this destructive behavior is to let him exercise. Why? Well, dogs exhibit destructive behaviors because they have plenty of energy and they are bored. Giving him exercise allows him to use his pent up excess energy. As a result, he will no longer have any energy to do the destructive acts that he usually does before. Plus, exercising helps to produce endorphins, a hormone that promotes calm and relaxation.

  • Puppy-proof your home.

Another great way to stop the excessive chewing of your dog is to remove the things that will tempt him to do so. You can do this by removing all of the things that he might chew on. Place your shoes in your closet and just simply put things out of his reach. Additionally, you should put him in a crate during those times that you are not able to supervise his actions.

  • Use bad-tasting sprays.

Spray these on the items in your home and once your dog chews on the items that you have sprayed on, he will taste the unpleasant taste of the spray. With this bad experience, there is a chance that he will not do the act again.

It is important to note that chewing comes naturally to your puppy. In fact, it is even integral to his health as such act helps him to keep his teeth clean, works out his jaw and reduces the pain that comes with teething. Your responsibility is to make sure that you redirect his destructive chewing and that can be done through the tips mentioned above.

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