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How To Stop Your Shih Tzu From Eating His Poop

You may already have experienced this before: You saw your pup going around and around a certain spot, sniffing the ground. You know, that thing he does when he is about to poop. So you go inside your home to get plastic gloves or a poop bag. But when you went outside, there is no poop to be seen but your dog looked like he already has done the deed. Where did that poop go?

The next time that you walk your dog out to poop and pee, we recommend that you do not leave him. Instead, watch what he is going to do with his poop. Chances are, he eats it! That’s disgusting, right? But you should understand the fact that it is not only your dog who does it. Many other dogs do it too and many other dog owners are trying to find a way to stop them from doing it. If you are one of those dog owners, here are some tips you may like to know:

  • Feed him a balanced and healthy meal

One of the most common reasons why dogs eat their poop is because they do not get the nutrients and vitamins that they need from the food that you are feeding him. To address this simple problem, you have to make sure that your dog gets the balanced and healthy meals he needs.

  • Increase playtime

Another reason why dogs eat their poop is because they are bored and they have lots of energy to spend. To remedy this, it is highly recommended that you increase his play or exercise time for a few minutes. In addition to that, you can also try playing or exercising with him twice a day. In addition to that, you can also increase the number of toys that your dog can play with.

  • Increase your dog’s eating time

Maybe you are not feeding your puppy the right amount of food. Try feeding your dog twice a day instead of just once and try to see if he will still eat his poop after you have done that.

  • Put muzzle around your dog

If you do not have the time to supervise with your dog, the next best thing that you can do is to fit a muzzle to the dog. This method is also highly recommended when your dog is not on the leash and when you are at social places like the beach or the dog park.

  • Make the poop look or taste unappealing

You can try all sorts of things to make the poop look and taste unappealing. For one, you can try adding pineapple chunks, spinach, pureed pumpkin, garlic, and pickles on the poop. Your dog won’t ever touch his poop again when you do this!

Whatever method you have chosen to stop your shih tzu from eating his poop, it is a must that you remain consistent with that strategy. You should not forget to do it each and every time he eats his poop so he can be able to practice the right habits.

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