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Four Things You Usually Do That Your Shih Tzu Hates

Many dog owners think that they have their dogs all figured out. They think that they know what they are doing and they think that their furry friends love everything that they do to him. Keep in mind, though, that your dog cannot talk so it is impossible for him to complain about some of your actions but rest assured, there are some things that you do that your dog hates.. a lot!

There are plenty of times that your dog drives you crazy but did you know that there are some things that you do that drives your dog crazy too? If only your dog can speak, he would tell you to stop the following things:

1.)    Hugging him too much

Many dog owners think that hugging their dogs is one of the best ways to show their love for them. What you must understand is the fact that hugging is not the way to show love and affection in the doggie world. Sure, your dog may enjoy it from time to time but more or less, he is just tolerating it (because he loves you) but they do not really like being hugged. In fact, this may come off as a form of attack to them.

2.)    Not taking him out that often

shih tzu wants to go outsideYes, there are many lazy dogs out there but Shih Tzus are generally active dogs. Most of them do not like sitting on the couch all day. If you will not take them out often or if you will not play with them, they will spend their pent up energy doing destructive things in your home like chewing on your slippers, barking, peeing, pooping and just about anything bad that you can think of.

3.)    Snuggling with him when you are sick

When you feel sick, you would want to just have a sip of warm soup and lie on your couch and snuggle with your dog. There are two things that dogs hate about this scenario. First of all, they do not like being hugged (as mentioned above) so snuggling will definitely be a fun activity for them. Second, they also do not like being coughed and sneezed at (in fact, no one would want that).

4.)    Talking to them (without making any signs)

Keep in mind that you are a person and dogs are, well, dogs. That means they will not understand any of the words you are saying, no matter how loud you talk to them. If you wish to communicate with them properly (and avoid making your dog frustrated), make sure to make signs while talking to them. That would make a lot of sense for them.

It may be difficult to understand how your dog feels about some of your actions but the things mentioned above are some of the things that dogs hate in general. So stop doing any of these things so you and your dog can have a better relationship.

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  1. This is my first dog so I was a bit clueless when I got him. I spoiled him way too much and after the first year I could barely make him stop with the aggressive behavior. Take notes guys, I know they’re cute, fluffy and whatnot, but if you pamper him way too much you’ll regret it. It took over a year and a lot of work plus a dedicated trainer to get him to listen to us so it’s not easy.

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