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A Shih Tzu Owner’s Guide To Surviving The Winter Season

It seems like times fly pretty fast. Before you know it, it is already the perfect season for hot cocoa, ski trips and winter clothing. But before you get all excited for the holidays, did you ever stop and think how the cold season might affect the health of your dog?

As many pawrents may already know, the arrival of winter may spell disaster for you and your puppy. There will be plenty of challenges that you may encounter in keeping your pup healthy and safe when the blizzard and sub-zero temperature comes. Here are some tips that you need to help you survive the winter season:

  • Protect his paws.

We all know what the snow and the cold breeze can do to our skin. Well, your dog’s paws may become a victim to it as well. The snow is made even more dangerous when it is combined with salt (which is used to melt the ice in sidewalks and in the streets). When your dog’s paw is exposed to this deadly combination, it might get burned. To avoid this, we recommend that you let your dog wear pairs of boots that are designed for dogs. Make sure that you opt for the one with Velcro so that it won’t be easily removed from your dog’s feet.

  • Protect his body.

In addition to his paws, you should also take some time to protect his body. We know that their furry coat is a natural protection against the cold but there will be times when this will not be enough to protect them. In the event that you live in extremely cold areas, we recommend that you buy a jacket harness for him. Opt for one that is waterproof so that the snow ill not sink in the fabric.

  • Bathe him less frequently.

We know that you would love to keep your dogs smelling good at all times but the winter weather is not conducive for bathing time. We are not saying that you should stop grooming your dog but try to just reduce the amount of baths that he will take in a week.

  • Keep him active indoors.

Just because it is winter, it doesn’t already means that you have to skip his exercise time. Since you cannot play outdoors, then you have to be creative and start introducing interesting indoor activities to him. You can buy some interactive dog toys that he can play with inside your home. You can also look for indoor dog parks where you can bring him.

  • Incorporate healthy oils in his diet.

Your dog’s scalp and skin will dry out during the season too. To prevent that from  happening, it is recommended that you add extra virgin coconut oil in his diet to keep his skin properly nourished.

The winter season may be a fun time for us but it can be a challenging time for your Shih tzu. By doing the tips mentioned above, you can make sure that your Shih Tzu will not just survive, but also enjoy, the colder months.

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