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Shih Tzu Ear Cleaning Techniques

Many Shih Tzu owners focus on keeping their pet’s coat and fur as healthy and shiny as possible. That is understandable. After all, that is the crowning glory of their pets, right? However, you should not forget that there are other body parts that need your attention. One of these would be your dog’s ears. If you have no idea how you should clean the ears of your dogs, take a look at the tips given below:

  • Prepare the tools.

Cleaning the ears of your furball can be easy with the help of the right tools. The first tool that you would need is a pair of tweezers. A pair of scissors would also come handy. It is best that you opt for  one with rounded tips so you can avoid accidentally cutting the ear canal of your best friend.

  • Look for matted hair.

Believe it or not, the hairs inside your dog’s ears can get matted too. If the matting will be left unattended, it may cause bruises which will eventually lead to infection. To untangle, it is best that you apply ear powder. This will serve as the protection of the dog’s skin. After applying powder, you can choose to cut or pinch (using tweezers) the matted hair.

  • Use hypoallergenic wipes.

To clean the outer portion of your dog’s ear, you can wipe it down using antibacterial or hypoallergenic wipes.

  • Avoid using Q Tips.

This is one mistake that many dog owners make. Avoid putting anything inside your dog’s canal as it may increase the chances of infection.

Neglecting the cleanliness of your dog’s ears may lead to serious health problems like loss of hearing, ear infections and infestations. To avoid this, it is a must that you invest some time to clean the ears of your dog using the tricks and tips mentioned above.

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